What we do

We support Macquarie University academics in bringing their expertise to the market. By facilitating the process of engaging in consulting, research or training projects outside the university, academics can focus on their core area of expertise. We work closely and successfully with a range of industries, with federal, state & local governments and NGO's.

Our Goal

Our goal is to lift the profile of commercial research, consulting and collaborations at the University. Funds generated through AccessMQ are fed back into the University to fund further research with Research and Commercial Services revenue contributing more than $10 Million per year.

Macquarie University Research Excellence

Macquarie University of Sydney is a research-intensive university and as such fosters an environment that produces research-intensive initiatives and outcomes for local and global markets.

It is recognised internationally for excellence in research, particularly in laser technology, early childhood education, proteomics, chiropractic and psychology. It is also seen as an international leader in ancient cultures, natural hazards and animal behaviour. The Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) is world-renowned.

Macquarie University ranked 4th out of 41 in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) ranking for research quality among Australian universities.

Our Services


Find the best expert at Macquarie University with over 1300 academic staff and some of the world's leading experts across a number of industries.
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We can help you identify appropriate research expertise, possible funding sources and manage research reporting and budget.
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We organise training programs based on the expertise of Macquarie University academics, tailored to your unique needs.
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Our eLearning team can create tailored eLearning programs that integrate audio, video and interactive media for a rich online experience.
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