Robert Harcourt

Professor of Environmental Science
Director, Marine Mammal Research Group
Graduate School of the Environment
PhD (Zoology), BSc (Psychology - Honours First Class), BSc (Zoology & Psychology)

Professor Rob Harcourt lectures in Environmental Science and is an expert in marine biology, specialising in whales, marine science ecosystems and animal behaviour and ecology. As a member of the MMRG, he has made valuable contributions to conservation of large marine vertebrates including sharks, seals, and whales. A small sample of recent work includes conservation of grey nurse and wobbegong sharks, managing human impacts and disturbance on wildlife, whale and dolphin stock structure.

Apart from academic output, he directly contributes to conservation in a hands-on fashion. He has drafted species recovery plans for the Federal Government, provided expert comments to many groups including state and federal government, NGOs and the United Nations Environment Program, made Expert Witness appearances in court, sat on Ecological Risk Assessment Technical panels and authored public submissions. Some of Robert's recent projects include: Revision of Objectives & Criteria of the Southern Right Whales Recovery Plan (2011); Map Biologically important areas for humpback and southern right whales in the East Marine Region (2010; Browse Offshore LNG Development (2010).

Robert Harcourt

Areas of expertise:

  • Marine ecology
  • Marine biology
  • Marine science ecosystems
  • Whales, seals & sharks
  • Animal behaviour