Mark Wiggins

Associate Professor of Psychology
Associate Dean of Higher Degree Research for Faculty of Human Sciences
PhD (Psychology), MA (Honours with Distinction) Psychology, BA (Honours) Psychology, Bachelor of Social Science: Psychology

Associate Professor Mark Wiggins is a Registered Organisational Psychologist. He is currently Program Director of the Master of Organisational Psychology, Deputy Director of the Centre of Elite Performance, Expertise, and Training (CEPET), and Associate Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Human Sciences at Macquarie University. His specialities include employee assessment and training, expert skill acquisition, selection and interviewing, and human factors analysis and intervention. He is the Research Lead for the EXPERT Intensive Skills Assessment (EXPERTise) Project. His research is oriented towards improving the relationship between humans and advanced technology.

His research in cue-based processing is designed to help people understand the bases on which humans interpret and form judgments in complex, time-constrained situations. Mark has acted as an advisor to a number of national and international organisations including the United States Federal Aviation Administration and the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority. He has also been engaged as a consultant researcher with Railcorp, Powerlink, Rail Management Australia, the Victorian Department of Infrastructure, and Sydney Airports Corporation.

Mark Wiggins

Areas of expertise:

  • Organisational psychology
  • Employee assessment & training
  • Selection & interviewing
  • Human factors analysis