What we do

Access Macquarie Limited was established in 1989. Initially named Macquarie Research Limited, the company was established as a result of Macquarie University's growing stature as a leading research-based university.

After 25 years, AccessMQ continues to provide project management services to assist university academics bid for and manage applied research, consulting and training projects for industry, government and the corporate world.

Working with us

AccessMQ has a strong teamwork culture and we value collaboration between teams and business units. Our team consists of professionals with expertise across a broad range of disciplines. Our mission is to deliver high quality and effective services to government, industry, community, students and academics.

We are fast-moving, innovative, professional, multi-cultural and we also know how to make work fun. Our business is diverse with various business-to-business and business-to-consumer products and services, which means that our team members get to work on a range of interesting and different projects on a daily basis.

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Our Businesses

In addition to our committment to delivering Macquarie research to market, we own and manage a number of business units within Macquarie University, including the Macquarie University English Language Centre, Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre, IELTS Online and the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility.

  • Macquarie University English Language Centre
  • Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre
  • IELTS Online
  • The Australian Proteome Analysis Facility