Bangladesh has encountered challenges during regional and multilateral trade negotiations due to the country's lack of capacity to develop and implement effective policies for sustainable trade, environmental protection, and economic development. We worked with key government officials, focusing on knowledge transfer, skills training, and academic knowledge in the areas of international law, international trade law and international environmental law.

The Solution

AccessMQ together with Macquarie University Centre for International and Environmental Law organised a training program on 'Capacity Building for Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh' for the 25 senior Government Officials of Bangladesh under Australian Leadership Award Fellowship (ALA) Program of Round-12 held on 4-22 February, 2013. Through AccessMQ, Dr Shawkat Alam lead this AusAID funded program with the aim to build the capacity of leaders and professionals in trade, environment and development in Bangladesh. The program aimed to support a comprehensive and continuing agenda for building institutional capacity of the Bangladesh Government, focusing on the enhancement of the three dimensions of capacity building: sustainable economic, social and political growth.

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Project Size: Approx 280,000

Expertise: International Law (Faculty of Law, Department of Arts)

Date: 4-22 February, 2013

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to your organisation for arranging such an interactive and participatory training program for Bangladesh Officials that have had immense contributions to achieving our Millenium Development Goals"

High Commissioner for the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Macquarie University Expertise

International Law (Faculty of Arts, Macquarie Law School)

  • Trade and Environment
  • International Trade Law
  • International Human Rights
  • Health Law
  • Professional Leadership and Governance
  • International Organisations
Macquarie University Faculty of Arts

Our Expertise

  • Tender Writing
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Post Program Follow-Up and Reporting
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